Diamond wire sawing available from National Drilling

Wire Sawing Blog PictureYes, it is a fact – at National Drilling, we offer a range of cutting, sawing and demolition services as well as drilling. You may have thought with a name like National Drilling we only provide drilling services. While we are the UK’s leading provider of drilling services, we provide specialist skills and equipment for all kinds of cutting and sawing as well. Established in the industry for over 3 decades, we have the experience and expertise to service major contractors on large developments across the UK. If you are looking for diamond wire sawing we have the tools and equipment as well as the expertise to provide the service you require.

Why use diamond wire sawing and not track sawing?

Diamond Wire Sawing Machine
Possibly you are familiar with track sawing which is commonly used on many sites for cutting. However, for projects with larger structures track sawing is not possible. This is when diamond wire sawing comes into its own. So, let’s take a closer look at what diamond wire sawing actually involves…

Diamond wire sawing provides a deep and clean cut and this is how it works:

  • the diamond wire saw is basically a multi-stranded cable which is fitted with diamond beads. Diamond is well known for being naturally hard, therefore, providing a clean strong cut.
  • the diamond beads are threaded through a series of pulleys
  • if these are pulled through concrete or masonry continuously they create a clean cut

Doesn’t the friction create a fire hazard?
You may be wondering why pulling diamond beads on a pulley through concrete or masonry doesn’t result in vast quantities of dust, heat and sparks? This is because water is used to continually cool the wire saw which also helps to keep the dust levels low.
Clean Pipe CutOther benefits of using diamond wire sawing are:

  • there is an unlimited cutting depth
  • low noise levels as there is no engine or motor
  • it is fast and flexible to use
  • zero fumes again as there is no motor
  • it is non-percussive so there is no risk of repetitive hand vibration
  • as controlled via a remote the operator can stand clear of cutting

To talk to us about your next project no matter how large or small and how our diamond wire sawing services might facilitate your progress whilst keep health and safety issues low, call us on 0161 443 2822 or you can email us with the details to info@national-drilling.co.uk.