Expansion Joint Cutting – Timing is Crucial

expansion joint cutting

The reason for cutting joints in freshly poured floors and surfaces is to allow for expansion as temperatures and moisture levels vary according to the ever changing atmospherics.  Cutting an expansion joint allows for these changes to take place in the surface without resulting in any surface cracks or breaking.  However, timing the expansion joint cutting is crucial to the success of this exercise.  At National Drilling Services we have the specialist equipment, knowledge and experience to provide expansion joint cutting at the right time for your project.  It is true that many companies may tell you they have the right tools for the job but the question is do they have the expertise?  It is almost as important not to cut expansions joints too early as it is to leave it too late.  Finding the appropriate window of time to cut expansion joints requires knowledge of the environment and project as well as expertise in expansion joint cutting.  The last thing your project or site manager wants to see on a new floor or yard is a shrinkage crack caused by late sawing or for that matter joint raveling caused by early cutting.

Place your expansion joint cutting in safe hands

To avoid unwanted cracks or joint raveling, on your freshly laid floor, ensure that your expansion joint cutting is carried out by a reputable and experienced team.  The operatives working for National Drilling Services are trained and experienced to the highest standards.  Generally expansion joint cutting is completed within 24 hours of the slab being poured, subject to the environment and weather.  A wide range of widths and depths can be specified to suit the requirements of the project.  National Drilling Services work alongside many major floor laying companies, working with tight tolerances on super flat floors to external transport yards.  In fact, some floor laying businesses request our services for many of their major projects including asking us to work for them in Guernsey and Jersey.

So, if you are looking for a well established, reliable, UK based organisation to provide you or your client with expansion joint cutting then look no further than National Drilling Services.  To contact us to discuss your expansion joint cutting requirements in more detail or to obtain an estimate for our services, you can contact us, or you can just give us a call on 0161 443 2822. Alternatively, you can also email us info@national-drilling.co.uk.