Electric Floor Sawing

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Electric Floor Sawing

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At National Drilling Service Ltd we offer Electric Floor Sawing.

The Floor saw system consists of a circular blade mounted on a spindle and powered by a petrol / diesel engine or electric motor. The operative controls and walks behind the unit as it moves along the surface. The diamond blade is capable of cutting depths of up to 600mm.

Floor sawing is simple, before the cutting process the floor is marked appropriately and the surface is also cleaned to remove any debris that may be present.

Diamond floor saw blades are circular in shape and during cutting, a floor saw is aligned to the surface being cut. The blades are mounted on the floor sawing machines which house the motor and controls.

Floor saws use water to reduce the heat caused by friction, and to cool the blade. Besides reducing heat, the water also helps to reduce dust and clean the surface resulting in cleaner cuts but most of all makes them environmentally friendly. Water also extends the life of the saw blade by making the cutting process easier. Floor sawing is effective for cutting horizontal floor surfaces i.e. concrete slabs, pavements, suspended slabs.

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