Are you looking for an expert in concrete drilling?

drilling servicesNational Drilling Services is a well established business, well known across the UK construction industry as a leading provider in drilling and sawing services.  Concrete drilling is one of those services.  Our team of experts is experienced, reliable and professional and will work alongside your construction site managers, architects and project managers to ensure the drilling meets the criteria of the design plans and project specifications.

Health and safety whilst concrete drilling

concrete drillingAs a regular provider of services to the construction industry, the team at National Drilling Services are only too well aware that health and safety on site is paramount.  Whether we are providing services for concrete drilling, sawing or demolition, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver a reliable and professional service whilst maintaining the highest health and safety standards.

Concrete drilling for all sizes of operation

Although National Drilling Services has provided drilling and sawing services to very large projects in the past, we can also provide concrete drilling, sawing and demolition on a smaller scale or even to domestic projects.  If you are looking to install dowel bars or other resin fixings, the rough edge created from concrete drilling provides the ideal surface for the resin to adhere to the fixings.

What size of drill bit will National Drilling Services use for concrete drilling?

As we have one of the best UK capabilities for drilling, as you would expect from experts, we have a range of drill bits.  This means we can provide concrete drilling for small to large holes, with drill bit sizes ranging from 12mm to 50 mm in diameter.  What’s more, in line with our high health and safety standards, we use Hilti anti vibration machines which reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury amongst our dedicated workforce.

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If you need other drilling or sawing services whilst we are on site we can also arrange that – just ensure you mention that when you contact us.  To discuss your concrete drilling requirements or to make an appointment to meet up with us to talk about your construction plans, you can contact us either via the website contact form, or you call us on 0161 443 2822.  Alternatively, you can email