Ring Sawing

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Ring Sawing

One of our alternative tools is our ring saw. Its accurate and thorough cutting depth of up to 260mm means that precise corners can be cut in no time at all.

Diamond ring sawing is a technique that uses hand-operated, diamond-tipped ring saws to cut through many materials such as concrete, brick and blockwork. It is particularly useful in challenging construction situations where there is restricted space on site.

Ring saws are a handheld hydraulic system. Although they resemble petrol hand held saws, they are very different to use – producing no fumes, creating minimal noise and achieving much greater depth of cutting than petrol hand saws. The circular shape of the blade makes them perfect for cutting concrete and masonry in small or restricted spaces.

The ring saw cutting depth makes them perfect for cutting concrete walls and double-skin brick walls. This is made possible by the shape of the saws – in a diamond ring saw, the blade drive rollers are fitted to the rear of the blade near the handle, instead of in the middle of the blade. This means that all of the blade can be used to cut.

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