A Powerhouse In Demolition

National Drilling Services Ltd, Stockport are proud owners of the Brokk 100 robotic demolition machine. Compact and versatile yet opens up into a powerhouse of features which make it the only choice for any form of demolition.

Brokk was established in 1982 and was founded to build machines that are small but extremely strong. These machines were ideal for underground mining. There are more than 5,000 Brokk machines today and they are used all over the world. A popular choice is the Brokk 100 as the successor to one of their most sold demolition machines and it became a worthy upgrade. It offers 35% more hitting power and an incredible energy-effective engine.

It’s reduced weight and transport height means that the Brokk 100 is usable in many different situations large or small. In a confined space the Brokk 100 is just as efficient as it is in large open areas. Its compact design, smooth operation and powerful tools make it perfect for use in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Once a job is completed the Brokk 100 it folds into a jaw-dropping compact package. This allows for easy transport to sites on a lorry or ordinary trailer. This robotic demolition machine can easily fit into an elevator or climb stairs and be ready in to go in an instant!

These are the reasons National Drilling Services Ltd picked the Brokk 100 over other machines. We want to offer a no hassle service and we achieve this very easily by using quality equipment from our demolition range through to our drills.

We bring you flexibility, accessibility and power when you need it.