Specialist equipment for track wall sawing

wall sawing workDo you have a project which requires a new lift shaft being added to a building? Or perhaps a design for an extra stairwell to lead to an extended mezzanine floor?  There is often demand to increase space or office capacity in existing structures, which results in slotting in new access routes, an additional doorway or windows.  If any of these feature on the drawing plans for your next construction project then you will probably be in need of some track wall sawing equipment. National Drilling Services are experts in all kinds of drilling and sawing.  Our specialist equipment for sawing means we are well known in the construction industry across the UK.   When creating new doorways, windows, lifts or stairwells track wall sawing provides vertical and horizontal cuts to enable the shaft or frame to fit into an existing wall.

What is the cut depth of the track wall sawing equipment?

track wall sawing workNational Drilling Services has the latest in high powered saws and hydraulic driven machines, providing vertical, horizontal or even inverted cuts in existing concrete and or brick structures.  This equipment provides track wall sawing up to a maximum depth of 800mm.  At National Drilling Services, we have a stock of diamond blades ranging from 450mm to 2m in diameter.  This means we have the equipment and capacity to accommodate all wall sawing requirements.

How does track wall sawing work?

track wall sawing equipmentTrack wall sawing, as its name suggests, involves a rotating diamond blade which cuts under control on a track mounted system.  This enables precision cutting even on sloping surfaces.  As this is remote controlled there is no need for the operator to be too close to the cutting.  Remote control operation of the track wall sawing equipment also removes the risk of hand and arm vibration issues.

In fact National Drilling Services are renowned for maintaining the highest levels of health and safety standards and are considered leaders in the construction industry.  We have worked on all size of construction sites from multi-million pound projects, to supermarket chains to small domestic jobs.  So, whatever your requirements for track wall sawing you can rely on the experts at National Drilling Services to meet your needs.  Find out more about National Drilling Services and our track wall sawing equipment.

To discuss how our track wall sawing equipment might assist on your construction site, contact us on 0161 443 2822.  Alternatively you can email us on info@national-drilling.co.uk.