Case Studies

Case Study – Trimex Blades

The Company: National Drilling Services Ltd

Project: Concrete Wall Track Sawing

Location: Etihad Stadium, Manchester

Employees: 60+

Industry: Concrete Drilling & Cutting

bursting liverpool

The Company
National Drilling Services Ltd was formed in 1986 to service the building construction industry. The company operates throughout the UK from their main office based in Stockport near Manchester.

They provide a one-stop-service with controlled demolition, drilling, sawing and floor preparation as a complete package. Projects include Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport, Liverpool One, large Supermarket chains and football stadiums using the latest technology in cutting and drilling systems.

The Project

National Drilling Services Ltd were approached to undertake a large electric wall sawing project, which had to be carried out
under a tight time scale restriction as part of a refurbishment of The Etihad Stadium in Manchester.
Our objective was to cut into metre square sections up to a depth of 400mm using 3 phase electric track saws to cut
internal walls inside the stadium.
The operators at NDS were cutting general reinforced concrete with rebar.
Speed of cut, long life and reliability were major factors in choosing the correct Diamond Blade and specification for the wall
sawing due to the time pressure.

manchester bursting
bursting manchester

The Solution

Diaquip recommended the Trimex Elite 1000 Diamond Track Saw
Blade (600mm and 1200mm Ø) as the correct specification for this
The Trimex Elite is our flagship innovative, high specification Diamond
Blade that has been described as a ‘game changer’ in diamond
blade technology by floor and wall saw operators who demand
better speed, life and reliability. We have further improved the
Trimex Blade to develop Trimex Elite – with Fusion Tech™
The R&D Team at Diaquip have applied the same innovative
methodology that made our DQ5 Diamond wire a market leading
product in its field to our Trimex Diamond Blade, to make the best
even better.
Fusion Tech™ is a development methodology which is unique to
Diaquip products – and is a breakthrough innovation in the Diamond
Blade industry.
The result is a blade that is proven to cut up to 20% faster, last 50%
longer and having a more consistent cut than the world’s leading
diamond blade brands.

The Result

National Drilling Services Ltd and it’s operators were delighted with the speed, life, performance and results of using the Trimex Elite Track
saw blade.

“Having used Diaquip products for many years, we know that they manufacture
the best Diamond cutting and Drilling products on the market. We used the
Trimex Elite and have found it a great diamond blade to work with. It is fast and
hard wearing – which saves our operators time and hassle, and it ensures we do
a professional job every time .”
Paul Cassidy – National Drilling Services Ltd

Case Study – Robotic Demolition

The Company: North Bank Demolition

Location: Russell’s Construction Site

Project: National Drilling Services were engaged on this building site in central Manchester to take down a concrete plant room and associated floors and columns.  We used a Brokk 160 robotic demolition machine with a hydraulic crushing attachment to reduce noise levels.


Robotic Demolition national drilling