Expansion Joint Cutting

Expansion Joint Cutting

Expansion joint cutting may seem to be relatively straight forward, but it requires precision timing, knowledge and the appropriate cutting equipment. National Drilling Services, although known across the UK for our expertise in drilling, are also experienced in sawing and cutting as well as demolition services. Our team of experts understand that expansion joint cutting needs to be carried out at just the right time after the concrete has been poured and set but before it is too late and surface cracks appear. The timing is dependent on a number of factors including local atmospherics and temperature.

Why choose National Drilling Services for your expansion joint cutting services?
National Drilling Services has over 30 years experience in the construction industry and is heralded by customers UK wide as a leader in the field for drilling, cutting and demolition. We pride ourselves on our high levels of professionalism and safety. We also ensure that we keep our equipment well serviced and up to date with a range of blades and accessories available to provide appropriate equipment and services for each specific job. Our operators are trained and experienced in running our range of cutting, sawing and drilling machines. If you are not aware of our reputation in the UK construction market, because you are a newcomer to the industry or to the UK, just ask your floor laying company. Some of the largest floor laying specialists in the UK have been known to request for our services to be used for expansion joint cutting whenever they are laying floors. This makes sense as who wants a brand new floor to be damaged by poor expansion joint cutting? Floor layers who know National Drilling Services and have worked with us in the past, are confident that our expansion joint cutting services meet their exacting levels of quality. As a result our expansion joint cutting skills have been requested by floor laying suppliers across the UK and beyond.

Typically, we would aim to complete an expansion joint cutting into a slab within 24 hours of the floor or slab being poured or laid. Obviously, there are times when this needs to be done before the 24 hours has elapsed or sometimes after, depending on the setting environment, air moisture and local temperature. As our teams work around the clock, National Drilling Services can provide our skills to fit with the requirements of the job or the access availability, whatever fits with your construction schedule and the floor setting timings. To find out more about how our expansion joint cutting can benefit your construction schedule contact us on 0161 443 2822. Alternatively you can contact us or email us info@national-drilling.co.uk.

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