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Expansion Joint Sealing services
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Expansion joint sealing

Expansion Joint Sealing

Expansion joint sealing services: National Drilling Services Ltd can offer installation of all major expansion joint sealing manufacturers products from Fosroc, Permaban and much more. Our trained helpful operatives have the capability to work in any environment.


These floor joints are sealed with permaban tape and injected with resin.

Crack Repairs

Concrete floors have a tendency to crack from time to time this can be caused by many factors, as a company we have tested many products to enable us to provide you an excellent repair service.

  • Floor cracks are chased out using a diamond blade
  • Holes are drilled within the crack and resin is put in to allow it to penetrate into the floor slab
  • The cracks are then sealed with a thixotropic epoxy paste leaving it proud
  • The following day the crack is sanded off to a smooth finish
Do You Have an Expansion Join Sealing Project? 

Feel free to get in touch with one of our team of friendly experts. We are able to offer advice and discuss any expansion joint sealing projects needs you have. 

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