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Concrete Floor Sawing

Concrete floor sawing is a tried reliable method for clean cutting flat surfaces used mainly in cutting roadways, carriageways, pavements, bridges and concrete slabs along with trenching, joints, demolitions cuts and floor chases up to a depth of 500mm. With our many types of floor saws we can accommodate diamond floor sawing and concrete floor cutting projects in the most challenging of environments.

The process is functioned by a large blade attached to a shaft and can be powered by a 3 phase electric, petrol or diesel driven engines. The 3 phase electric powered machines are ideal for cutting indoors where fumes can be a risk.

Floor sawing is a popular sawing method in today’s construction industry. It can be faster, safer and more efficient than conventional methods of making alterations or removing concrete slabs or other hard floor surfaces. Since there are a huge range of floor saws which vary in size, it is possible to cut most lengths, widths and depths. 

We have a wide selection of diamond blades in many a varying diameter to suit all requirements.

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