Who Do You Ask About Concrete Drilling?

concrete drillingIf you are looking for a reputable business to carry out concrete drilling on your construction site – who would you ask?  Perhaps you would look for a supplier who was rated the number one choice for drilling in the UK construction industry?  National Drilling Services Ltd is well established with experience in a range of drilling, sawing and demolition services including concrete drilling.

Having the right tools for concrete drilling

Drilling through reinforced concrete can be challenging, but not so much with the right tools and knowhow.  The expert team at National Drilling Services uses diamond core drilling tools.  Using diamond core drilling techniques allows us to provide drilling through a range of materials including reinforced concrete, with a minimum amount of debris and low noise levels.  Not only that but this technique for concrete drilling is also fast and accurate saving time, money and labour costs. To find out more about diamond core drilling to fulfil your concrete drilling needs take a look at our website http://www.nationaldrilling.co.uk/diamond-drilling-manchester/.

What are the most important factors to take into account with concrete drilling?

Some questions you might want to ask when considering which supplier to select to provide concrete drilling services are:

  • Are they reliable?
  • Is the organisation professional?
  • What are their health and safety levels like?
  • Does the business have relevant accreditations or qualifications?
  • What previous experience do the operators have?
  • Are the rates competitive?
  • Do they have the appropriate equipment?

Why choose National Drilling Services for your concrete drilling requirements?concrete drilling

As you may have guessed National Drilling Services can answer all the above questions positively.  In fact, we are the go-to supplier for drilling, sawing and demolition services to the UK construction industry.  With over 30 years in the industry we have built up a solid reputation with our clients and across the construction market.  Whilst we have worked on high profile developments with household names, we also work on smaller domestic jobs as well.  So, no matter the size of the concrete drilling job, we can work alongside your construction team in a hassle free manner.  You can trust that we have the knowhow to complete the job efficiently.  If night working is required to fit around other activity or work schedules we can provide our services 24/7.

To discuss your concrete drilling requirements further please contact us on 0161 443 2822 or email us info@national-drilling.co.uk.  Alternatively, you can complete the contact form on the website.