Robotic demolition – a safe way to clear your construction site

Have you ever seen robotic demolition in operation?

If you have recently purchased an old structure, which you are looking to demolish in order to create a more functional or better designed building, then robotic demolition may well be the best solution for clearing your site. Robotic demolition may sound and even look a bit ‘sci fi’ but it is actually a much safer and more reliable method of demolition than traditional methods. The demolition operatives at National Drilling Services are very proud of our Brokk demolition robotic machine which makes their job much safer and allows for precise operation. You can see more here

What is a Brokk demolition robotic machine?

At National Drilling Services, we have invested in a Brokk 100 Robotic Demolition machine. It may appear smaller than you might expect, but don’t be deceived by its compact structure. The benefit of its size is that is can easily be transported between sites without the need for specialist transportation. The Brokk 100 is actually incredibly powerful and is the envy of many demolition teams. Not only is it powerful, but it is surprisingly agile as well. This robotic demolition machine is so small it can enter a lift shaft or stairwell. In fact, it can even fit into a lift or climb stairs if required, enabling the operative to access areas previously inaccessible.

Robotic demolition MachineryWhen our robotic demolition machine arrives at your site

What can you expect when our robotic demolition machine arrives at your demolition site? It will arrive on a standard trailer, from which it can be easily unloaded ready to work on the area of your site requiring demolition. As the robotic demolition machine is operated remotely, our National Drilling operators are able to manage the demolition from a distance, providing a maximum level of safety in the demolition process. It is also very accurate as the movements and operation of the machine are very precise. Not only is this a safe way of operating a demolition but it is also very efficient. As we have been working with the UK construction industry for over 30 years, we understand that daytime working hours don’t work for all sites, either due to access restrictions or because other contractors are on site during the day. Therefore, the robotic demolition operatives at National Drilling are able to provide demolition services 24/7 to fit with your site guidelines and also recently introduced regulations on social distancing.

For more information and to book your robotic demolition slot contact us on 0161 443 2822 or if you prefer you can email us with your enquiry or demolition requirements