Track/Wall Sawing

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Track Wall Sawing

National Drilling Services Ltd are proud operators of the latest high powered saws and hydraulic driven machines. 

Track wall Sawing is a method that can be used for vertical, horizontal or even inverted cuts to a maximum depth of 800mm. This process is excellent for forming doorways or window apertures, flush cutting against walls for breaking lines, lift shafts and stairways.

Our stock of diamond blades range from 450mm to a gigantic 2 metre diameter so no matter what your projects specific requirements are we can accomodate them.

Track wall sawing is a fast efficient method of creating precise cuts in reinforced concrete and masonry structures. Track saws have many applications from forming angled cuts, sawing through staircases, door, window and vent openings along with many more. Track saws can also be ideal in demolition separation cutting applications.

Track wall sawing offers high accuracy and smooth cuts compared to other concrete cutting tools such as stitch drilling and wire sawing, the accuracy of track sawing is second to none.

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