Brokk Demolition Services

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Brokk Demolition Services

Brokk demolition is the way forward for demolition projects and compared to traditional demolition methods the benefits are clear.  National Drilling Services use Brokk demolition machines to provide quick, safe and efficient demolition services to sites across the UK. Brokk machines can be easily transported between sites and manoeuvred around buildings which require dismantling.  Despite their relatively small size, Brokk machines have a surprising amount of power as well as agility. The Brokk robotic demolition machines are operated remotely, which means that the National Drilling Services technician operating the unit can be stood some distance away from the demolition offering increased safety. 

Using Brokk demolition we can remove structures cleanly and efficiently with the minimum disruption.

The technicians at National Drilling Services are all trained and experienced in working with our specialist equipment, providing expert and reliable services at all times.

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